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Build the traditional Chinese medicine industry’s first environmentally-friendly brand

With green pharmaceutical process and environment-friendly Chinese medicinal materials as the aim, the company implements a zero pollution and green recycling industry chain management concept. In following the advanced trends of the pharmaceutical industry, the company pursues aggressive and innovative principles, develops a corporate culture of pioneering and determination, builds a leading environment-friendly pharmaceutical industry brand, enhances core competitiveness and leads industry development.


Practicality, Dedication, Teamwork, Innovative Development

Practicality and dedication: Responsibility and ambition, practical and tangible-result work ethic and action.
Teamwork: Build overall awareness and advocate personal success based on collective success
Innovative development: Strive for excellence and soar above the competition on the basis of success


Green pharmaceuticals and environment-friendly Chinese medicinal materials

As the source of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicinal materials are the physical basis for inheritance and development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry. With the dominant principle of “drug making is the accumulation of virtue,” Yili Pharmaceutical assumes an intrinsic task of “making good medicine and benefiting humankind.” The company has established the planting base for several Chinese medicinal materials like small-leaf fig and pithecellobium, and used the natural and pollution-free Chinese medicinal materials to guarantee the product quality. The company has developed the green-cycle industry chain: “planting of Chinese medicinal materials – extraction of Chinese medicinal materials – manufacturing of bio-organic fertilizers – planting of Chinese medicinal materials” and achieved a pollution-free production process, ensuring a balance between corporate development and eco-environmental protection. Yili Pharmaceutical has always stayed true to its mission to “work hard for human health.”


The industry’s leading green-cycle industry chain

The company is committed to developing the green-cycle industry chain: “planting of Chinese medicinal materials – extraction of Chinese medicinal materials –manufacturing of bio-organic fertilizers – planting of Chinese medicinal materials” to create the new economy based on green industry.


Standardized, Flexible, Efficient And Controllable

“Standardized” means the system, data and process-based management of the regular events and the development of uniform, standardized and steady management system.

“Flexible” means the strategies used in the company’s development process. They are an enterprise’s soul and life. When the company’s specific regulations contradict fundamental principles, the latter shall prevail, but in some cases, the former shall be observed. It is necessary to make flexible choices given the company’s operation and management as well as actual development.

“Efficient” covers efficient implementation and outstanding results. Efficient implementation means all the management and execution teams must complete the company’s tasks. In terms of rules and regulations, flexible or insufficient implementation is not permitted. The company must deliver on its promises. To achieve the outstanding results, the principle is to attain the goal and the standard is to complete the result, and more importantly, completed using the minimal amount of time, human and material resources as well as the simplest method.

“Controllable” means that the company practices central decision-making and privilege management. Under the guidance of the company’s development goals, the management teams at all levels perform their respective responsibilities. The company establishes the operation target responsibility system, and supervises the operation and management process through the control of general and key business and key indicators to guarantee the controllable target result and business risk.


Seize opportunities and innovate development

Seize opportunities: Pay attention to the domestic and international economic changes, follow the new development trends of the pharmaceutical industry, take active measures to deal with new changes, identify and seize the new market opportunities and explore and create the business opportunities at the right time.

Innovate development: Achieve concept innovation, build the concepts of ambition, market and benefits, create market opportunities through innovative business model, increase product quality through innovative technologies, and promote corporate sustainable development through innovative mechanisms


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